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STD trends in Canada

Although sexually transmitted infections are preventable, they continue to be a significant health issue in Canada. According to reports, the prevalence rates of HIV, Chlamydia and Herpes have risen since the 1990s and this trend is likely to continue in the future. While younger Canadians account for the highest reported cases, there has been a drastic increase in people belonging to the 30 – 60 age brackets too.

Although STDs such as herpes aren’t fatal, the Human Papillomavirus as well as Human Immunodeficiency Virus can prove to be life threatening is there is delay in administration of medication. While Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted infection in Canada, Herpes comes in at a close second.

Herpes Trends in Canada

A recent study concluded that 1 in 5 persons in Canada are infected with the herpes simplex type–2 virus. It has also been observed that 90 percent of the people that are infected have absolutely no idea they carry the virus, which makes them vulnerable to transmitting the infection to others whom they’re involved with.

As this study has been based on confirmed laboratory tests, there is no scope of error. Earlier studies were based solely on the data collected from positive cases or screenings of people that were most likely to carry the herpes simplex virus, which failed to provide a true picture of how the virus has been spreading.

The data for this study was collected between 2009 and 2011 by the Canadian Health Measures Survey. Urine and blood samples from as many as 3250 Canadians were taken into consideration for this test. The study found out that 0.7 percent of the samples tested positive for Chlamydia. On the other hand, of those carrying herpes type–2 virus, only 6 percent were aware of it.

According to the findings that were published by Health Reports, women were more vulnerable to contract the virus than men – 16 percent versus 11 percent. It was also found out that the prevalence rate increased with age. While just 6 percent people in the age groups of 14 – 34 had the infection, it rose to 19 percent in people that were 35 years and older.

Do Canadians ignore herpes diagnosis?

Just because herpes isn’t a life threatening condition, doesn’t mean that Canadians would choose to ignore it. Herpes is an asymptomatic condition, which means that people infected with it have no clue of the virus unless they experience an outbreak. Researchers also claim that a person is vulnerable to spread the infection even though he/she isn’t showing any symptoms. This has eventually led to the uncontrolled spread of this sexually transmitted disease.

The increasing popularity of herpes dating sites in Canada

Although the local Canadian authorities have failed miserably in combating the spread of this infection, specialist herpes dating sites have done an amazing job on connecting people with herpes. Apart from bringing together like – minded people from across the globe, these website also provide plenty of information pertaining to herpes and other sexually transmitted infections.

According to experts, it would be better if a person that has herpes dates another individual that is infected. This would not only curb the spread of the virus but also help them share a stronger bonding, having undergone the same experience.

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